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Ana SayfaKariyer FırsatlarıMid Senior Software Engineer

Mid Senior Software Engineer

Job Description

You will be joining a team of engineers building distributed and highly scalable IoT platform which can be run both public and private clouds. We are looking for highly motivated and skilled software engineers who are passionate about learning and adapting high technology solutions.

Principal responsibilities are listed as following:

  • Wide tech stack providing the best opportunity to learn new languages, frameworks and tools.
  • Handling complex challenges on cloud services, scalability, security, real time streaming and processing.
  • Work closely with product team and embrace continuously delivering consumable solutions with agile team.
  • Participate in code reviews, offering insights on potential improvements.
  • Takes actions autonomously, within established procedures, when necessary to ensure that predetermined targets are met.


  • Strong coding skills in Java 8, Groovy, Scala (nice to have)
  • Understanding of Micro Services architecture
  • Understanding of cloud computing (AWS)
  • Experience with domain driven design, CQRS
  • Experience with event driven architectures
  • Understanding of NoSQL data stores (MongoDB, Cassandra)
  • Understanding of message brokers (Kafka)
  • Expertise with unit and integration tests

Focus Areas:

  • Development of Event Driven Architectures / Micro Services
  • Analysis and documentation
  • Code reviews


Java, Cloud Computing, MongoDB, Groovy, Presentation Skills, Git, PostgreSQL, Mentoring, Scala, Agile, TDD, Akka, Kafka, Scripting Languages, Event Driven Architecture, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, CQRS, DDD, Code Review, AWS, Apache Cassandra, Microservices Architecture, Lightbend


$12K – $20K
0.0% – 1.0%


Candidates can send their resumes to with “Mid Senior Software Engineer at Iven” subject line.


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